Tailored advice

Thanks to years of experience and continuous development in the field of security, we can look at any security issue with an innovative view and provide you with extensive advice from experienced experts in the field. We often encounter questions such as: How much will the deployment of security cost? What security risks are we dealing with? Are we sufficiently secured? All logical questions that we would like to answer for you.

Among other things, we can help you with:

  • A comprehensive risk analysis for your situation.
  • Advice on the approach to security around your hotel, event, store, object or catering facility .
  • The purchasing process regarding security services.
  • Drawing up a detailed security plan.

Looking for an advisor

Extensive experience and knowledge are needed to implement security services in the right way. A security consultant of Melrose Security has this knowledge and expertise. It’s not without reason that leading companies like EY, Club AIR, A’DAM or Doubletree by Hilton already called in our help!

Consultancy at Melrose Security means:

  • Advice from one of the best security companies in the Netherlands.
  • Personal and direct contact with an experienced security consultant.
  • We are available to you 24/7 with help and advice on your security issue.

We are:

  • Affiliated with the Vereniging Beveiligingsorganisaties Nederland (VBe NL).
  • In possession of the Security Hallmark, the Event Security Hallmark and the Hospitality Security Hallmark.
  • Aware of all relevant security themes that are currently relevant in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world.

Security Services at Melrose Security

Besides extensive advice in the field of security, we provide the necessary security plans and services as well. Of course, we always do this in consultation with you. Together we look at the security issue, discuss your wishes and create a plan to optimize security. Want to know more about our services? Check out the pages below for more information about the specific services Melrose Security has to offer.

Interested in a partnership?

Collaborating with Melrose Security means a close contact with a partner where security and hospitality are central. You can expect a personal and honest approach. Melrose Security stands for a transparent and flexible way of working, where security is realized by experienced professionals.