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Surveillance Municipality of Bloemendaal

De-escalating, listening and intervening when necessary. Melrose Security contributes to a safe municipality; not only by intervening, but also by thinking along on preventive solutions.

New Covid-19 measures

How will Melrose Security cope?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has not come to an end yet. The press conference on Tuesday, 2 November showed this once again. What does this mean for Melrose Security?


The first Dutch security company with NFC tags!

Technological developments are happening at a tremendous speed these days! This week we were the first security company in the Netherlands to start scanning NFC tags. What are they and what can you do with them? Probably you are already using it, without knowing it is an NFC tag. 


Corporate Social Responsibility – S-Meta Pilar II Audit/SEDEX

Melrose Security is one of the first security companies in the Netherlands to obtain the S-Meta Pilar II Audit Certificate.

In the current (international) market it’s very important to make sure that an organization meets the international and national social standards, market regulations and the resulting individual customer needs.