The first Dutch security company with NFC tags!

Technological developments are happening at a tremendous speed these days! This week we were the first security company in the Netherlands to start scanning NFC tags. What are they and what can you do with them? Probably you are already using it, without knowing it is an NFC tag. There is an NFC tag in your ATM card that you use for contactless payment and in your OV card that you hold in front of the gate when you check in.

NFC Tagging

How does an NFC tag work?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. By scanning the NFC tag with your smartphone, data is being transferred through a chip and antenna. The NFC tag is incorporated into a Melrose sticker as big as a 2-euro coin, which you can place everywhere you wish. This technology works very quickly and uses little energy. Compared to Bluetooth, less data is lost because there is a maximum distance of 10 centimeters between them when scanning. The data from our NFC tags is encrypted, so confidential information can easily be exchanged between our security guards and the customer. 

What will Melrose Security do with NFC tags?

The use of NFC tags helps to ensure the security of a location. Through these tags it is possible to see where the security guards are located and what time the surveillance round has been walked. While walking a surveillance round, the security guard can immediately upload photos in the service report and also add comments that can be viewed immediately. It is also possible to add a message for the next colleague, for example if a door is broken or needs extra attention. When something is solved, the notification can be ticked off to solve the task.

NFC tags can be used to live track the security guards’ location during a shift. This is ideal for complex and large buildings. In addition, as an organization you can put your own information in the tags, so the security guards will see this information during their shifts immediately. Programming the NFC tags can be done completely according to your wishes. Customization and innovation are the basis for the future of security at Melrose Security. There is not one standard solution.

We organize security in a way that suits the location. The possibilities are endless!

Are you curious what NFC tags can do for your organization? We like to think along with you!

NFC tagging