Horeca security

Horeca security

Relaxation, fun and a good atmosphere. This is what guests expect when they visit your establishment. We ensure that you can meet these expectations without compromising safety. While you are busy running your business, we create a safe and hospitable environment that perfectly matches your company culture.

At Melrose Security we analyze the security risks of your business and how they can be addressed. For us, it is of high importance that our way of working fits the identity of your company We think about appropriate solutions that fit your vision.

Horeca security at Melrose Security.

That means:

  • A transparent and personal collaboration with one of the best security companies in the Netherlands.
  • Personal contact and close cooperation with experienced professionals who are available to you 24/7.

Our horeca security guards are…

  • Always alert and crystal clear in their communication.
  • Professional, experienced and in possession of the right certificates.
  • Social, hospitable and representative.
  • Integral, dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile for you and your guests.

Our extra’s:

  • We are affiliated to the Dutch Safety Sector and are in possession of the Hospitality Security Hallmark.
  • Our security staff has up-to-date knowledge of all current security risks.
  • Melrose Security also provides risk analyses and advice by our experienced consultants.
  • We understand that your company has a vision and only select security guards that fit your image.
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Our horeca security working

Melrose Security is known for an exclusive and personal approach. We like to discuss your security issues and wishes so we can concretize what your business needs. Besides security we focus on hospitality. Our security guards not only have knowledge and expertise in the field of security, but are also selected based on representativeness, hospitality and social skills. For this reason, the safety of your guests is never at the expense of their experience.

Interested in a partnership?

Collaborating with Melrose Security means a close contact with a partner where security and hospitality are central. You can expect a personal and honest approach. Melrose Security stands for a transparent and flexible way of working, where security is realized by experienced professionals.