Retail security

Retail security

Stores are visited by many different people and must deal with many different situations. As a result, store security requires a specific approach compared to other types of security. It is important for store security officers to know when to intervene and how to act in specific circumstances. The store security officers of Melrose Security are experienced in securing various types of stores and are happy to create a safe environment for you and your guests.

There is much at stake in store security. That’s why we make a concrete security plan. Not only the possible security risks are analyzed, but also the appearance of the store. In this way we only provide security that fits the identity of your company.

The retail security officer of Melrose Security

A retail security officer from Melrose Security has specific skills. It’s not only about preventing shoplifting, but also about creating a safe and trusted environment for clients, customers and employees. In addition, our store security officer can provide first aid when needed and has extra attention for fire prevention. The store security officer of Melrose Security is able to preventively respond to risk situations, so escalations can be avoided.

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Retail security

Your store, our security

Melrose Security is a specialist in the field of retail security. We like to think along with our clients and always come up with a complete security plan. We like to get together to identify all risks and determine the best solution. Afterwards we select the security guards who best fit the identity of your store.

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Collaborating with Melrose Security means a close contact with a partner where security and hospitality are central. You can expect a personal and honest approach. Melrose Security stands for a transparent and flexible way of working, where security is realized by experienced professionals.