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Melrose Security offers professional security tailored to your needs. We think ahead and select a professional who matches your team. 

At Melrose Security, we offer professional security tailored to your needs. We think ahead and select a professional who matches your team. 

Security services

Security services

Horeca security

Relaxation, fun and a good atmosphere. This is what guests expect when they visit your business. We ensure that you can meet these expectations without compromising safety. While you are busy running your business, we create a safe and hospitable environment that perfectly matches your company culture.

Event security

Where big groups of people come together, various security risks arise. For this reason, security is important at both large and small events. While you are busy with the organization of your event, our experienced professionals will be happy to take all matters regarding security off your hands. For you, there will be nothing to worry about.

Hotel security

You have your guests’ best interests at heart. Of course, this means that you consider the security risks of the hotel. What risks are there? How many security guards does the hotel need and what requirements must be met? We are happy to be of service.

Retail security

The safety of your property, the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers are important aspects to consider when you own a store. We are happy to assist you with this matter without compromising the sale of your assortment. Retail security is more than just security.

Corporate security

Corporate security can be used to secure businesses or premises inside and outside office hours. This ensures that customers and employees always feel safe and secured. We will create a security plan that suits the appearance of your company.

Melrose Security stands for maximum care, creating a safe undisturbed environment where security, customization, hospitality and customer satisfaction are central.

In this way we create a safe environment in every imaginable situation without affecting your identity and the image of the company. Security is our priority, but we always consider the vision of our customers. Together we will provide the optimal service to exceed your guests’ expectations. 

Our security guards feel involved, part of your team and play an important role in the experience of your guests. They are sociable and hospitable, but simultaneously alert and clear in their communication. They are used to quickly adapt and adjust to different situations. Melrose Security offers security and hospitality in one!


Melrose Security works with several clients, including those below.

We also collaborate with prestigious international five-star hotel chains, high-end retail brands and flagship stores.

At Melrose Security we believe in teamwork. We focus on our clients and colleagues, that’s why we have been growing so fast! Do you want to be part of a fun and professional team, where we work hard but also like to have fun? From sports together, to trips and other fun events. Are you that motivated professional who likes to walk an extra mile for customers? Do you want to make a career, but above all be a true host or hostess? Take a look at our vacancies below and apply now. We guarantee to have a nice job for you.