About us

About us

A close team with attention for our colleagues and everyone who works with us. This is reflected in our work, because people who feel good, will perform better.

Melrose Security stands for maximum care, creating a safe undisturbed environment where security, customization, hospitality and customer satisfaction are central. In this way, we ensure safety in every conceivable situation without damaging the client’s identity or image. Safety is our priority, but the customer’s view is always taken into account.

Our security guards feel involved, part of the client’s team and play an important role in the experience of the client’s guests. They are sociable and hospitable, but simultaneously alert and clear in their communication. They are used to adapting quickly, empathizing with different situations and providing security and hospitality in one.

Our team

Rishi Mehilal

A traveller, adventurer and animal lover. Chances are that you will meet me in an amusement park or with my dog.

Love to socialise and start new projects. Hence my passion for entrepreneurship.

I am always involved in developing new products and services.

Iris Postma

Mother of the world’s most beautiful daughter (no exaggeration!) and always in for a drink! But especially HR professional who sees the key to success in the employee. Using and following talent in the best possible way so that everyone feels at home and we achieve success together.

Semih Sevim

As a newcomer to the security industry, I am still in the process of learning new things. With my background in change management and organizational development, I am working as an operational coordinatior to continuously improve our services. In my spare time, I can be found with friends and family or at the gym.

Ruben Vink

Born and raised in the city of Amsterdam. I can often be found on Amsterdam’s terraces and play a lot of padel.

I am always busy with new creative ideas and solutions. As planner for Melrose Security, I make sure all roles are filled and all customers are satisfied.

Jip Nuiten

I love to cook, drink good wine and have a lot of fun. Apart from all the good food and drinks, I like walking and going to the gym.

As an account manager for Melrose, I am lucky to visit many beautiful locations. I drive to several locations for a nice conversation and a good cup of coffee. When can I come and visit you?





Matthijs Timmermans

Father of 2 beautiful daughters and now living in Almere. Love for several sports but at the moment kickboxing and cycling are the favourites.

As a recruiter, planner and networker I stand for clear and honest communication. I like to meet the needs of all relations as I learned in my years of experience in the hospitality industry and with my International Business Management Studies education.

Timo Driessen

Born and raised in beautiful Groningen, where I can still often be found.

I love trainers, so you’ll see me on a new/other pair from time to time.

I am responsible for the financial department of Melrose Security.

Athin√° Fourtounidis

Student and book-lover with a passion for writing. Besides my job as a communications specalist, I am pursuing my goal to finish my studies at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. I love travelling, fashion, eating a lot and watching Netflix series!





Remco Pardoel

Returning to the security industry, now on the operations side. Involved in the fitness and wellness industry for 30 years as a manager from club to regional level with three continents experience. Ready for a new direction in life and hope that we can elevate the standards and service within the security industry. Next to that passionate about MMA & BJJ.


Interested in a partnership?

Collaborating with Melrose Security means a close contact with a partner where security and hospitality are central. You can expect a personal and honest approach. Melrose Security stands for a transparent and flexible way of working, where security is realized by experienced professionals.