Event security

Event security

Where many people come together, various security risks arise. For this reason, security is important at both large and small events. While you are busy with the organization of your event, our experienced professionals will be happy to take all matters regarding security off your hands. Zo hoef jij hier niet meer naar om te kijken.

At Melrose Security we know like no other what is involved in organizing an event. Besides security you can contact us for walkie-talkies, safety gates and first aid services. In this way we make the security of your event complete.

Event security at Melrose Security means: 

      • A transparent cooperation with one of the best security companies in the Netherlands.
      • Personal contact with our experienced professionals, who are available 24/7 for help and advice.
      • Qualified, representative and hospitable security guards who will do everything to make your event successful.

Our event security guards are…

      • Always alert and proactive.
      • Flexible and able to respond to unexpected situations.
      • Up to date with all current knowledge and topics in the field of event security.
      • Hospitable, sociable and representative.

Our extra’s, we…

      • Are in possession of the Event Security Hallmark of the Dutch security industry.
      • Work very closely with our clients and are available 24/7.
      • Always consider the identity and desired appearance of your event when selecting our security staff.
      • Can take care of the security of your event completely, from mapping the safety risks to providing the right security and materials.
      • If desired, can also think along with you about other aspects of your event. For example, you can also hire experienced hosts and hostesses to complete the experience for your guests!

        Curious about the safety risks surrounding your event? We have experienced consultants on staff who will be happy to tell you all about it.

    Your event, our security!

    A successful event requires a good atmosphere, a warm welcome and a safe feeling. Our security guards are not only selected on their knowledge and experience in the field of event security, but are also assessed on their representativeness, appearance, hospitality and social skills. They must fit the vision of Melrose Security and the identity and desired appearance of your event. We always make sure to find the perfect match! 

    Interested in a partnership?

    Collaborating with Melrose Security means a close contact with a partner where security and hospitality are central. You can expect a personal and honest approach. Melrose Security stands for a transparent and flexible way of working, where security is realized by experienced professionals.