Corporate Social Responsibility – S-Meta Pilar II Audit/SEDEX

Melrose Security is one of the first security companies in the Netherlands to obtain the S-Meta Pilar II Audit Certificate.

In the current (international) market it’s very important to make sure that an organization meets the international and national social standards, market regulations and the resulting individual customer needs.

Partly for this reason, organizations and companies are also making increasingly higher demands for the fulfillment of the minimum conditions for social responsibility. From our CSR policy we attach great value to the origin of products and production conditions. Melrose Security has therefore, in cooperation with several renowned customers (including the Hilton Group), applied for this Audit with regard to social responsibility and ethics. Organization-wide all related processes have been screened, including interviewing employees at the office and security guards on location. These include compliance with the VBeNL collective labor agreement, up to the CSR-based purchasing process and the availability of a whistleblower procedure.

After the multi-day in-depth audit by SGS, it was established that we comply with the S-Meta Pillar II standards (and values) at all levels. The results and positive outcome, according to the regulations on request, can be found on SEDEX (https://www.sedex.com/our-services/smeta-audit/).

We are convinced that with this audit (and advice) Melrose Security further strengthens its CSR policy and thus adds value for the organization, colleagues, partners and its customers.